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I write psychological thrillers, where individuals confront moral choices in response to today’s environmental and social challenges. Although the books provide an intellectually honest treatment of the dilemmas facing us all, they lead ordinary characters into extraordinary situations and unexpected action.  As the stories unfold, the character’s life is transformed.

 See below my published and upcoming works.


Published Novel: Wormhole Prophesies

(No longer in print.   See below – Knowing the Future)



Novel Accepted for Publication: The Unraveling of a Serious Man

Prize-winning physicist Gene O’Day was a serious and successful man: a brilliant academic scholar, a thoughtful husband to his wife, and a loving father to four grown children. No one suspects, but all is not well. Facing the challenges of his retirement profoundly alters his view of reality. Gene’s new and bizarre world-view is reinforced by his training in physics – training that allows heinous thoughts and actions to be seamlessly integrated into his daily life. As events unfold in this psycho-thriller, a seemingly normal life is transformed, through delusions, to that of an extremist.


Upcoming Novel: Knowing the Future

This futuristic story is an expansion and follow-on to my previous novel “Wormhole Prophecies“. The book follows three generations of a family as they attempt to save the world from a climate-induced disaster. In order to save billions of people from starvation and pandemics, the family plans and executes a series of covert activities to change the course of history. These covert activities bring the reader face-to-face with political intrigue, sabotage, and murder. As the characters confront powerful enemies and personal danger they, and the reader, will rethink the moral choices guiding their behavior.


Published Haiku Book

Haiku Snapshots: Poems Exploring Nature and Meaning

By their nature each Haiku presents a very personal image of the natural world. These images reflecting my 50 years of immersion in nature, but each reader should bring their own relationship to nature to bear. I hope these 300 little poems will encourage everyone to think deeply about the wonders of our planet.  To order, please click here.


Upcoming Haiku Book

Haiku Snapshots: Observations on the Human Condition

These 300 Haiku present a very personal image of human nature, an image that is informed by my training in psychology. Each image should be viewed through the lens of the reader to reflect their personal life-story and experiences.



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